Helping clients and putting their needs first is all we do.
Customer care, communication and service are the key to happy clients and referrals of their friends and family.
Below are some words from our clients..


Dean is simply the best! Without his help I would not be in my home today. Thanks Dean!

Ted O.

I have dealt with several agents in the past and I have to say Dean is by far the best. Unfortunately I had to short sale a property and he took the time to explain how the entire process works from start to finish. He had an offer on my place within 24 hours and it was sold that month. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! Thanks Dean!

Harvey A.

Working with Dean to help us fund and buy a home was one of the best decisions I've ever made. In the price range and areas we were looking to buy in there is a lot of demand and we found that if you do not put in an offer right away (I'm talking the first couple of days after a property is listed) then you are stuck as a backup offer. My husband and I thought we would be able to find a home we liked within a few months, but to our surprise that was not the reality. Dean was so patient with us and never let us lose hope on finding our perfect home. I am so happy to have had Dean Lob on my house-hunting team. He was encouraging and energizing which I believe is the reason we have our home today. Without Dean's support, flexibility in schedule, and his knowledge & expertise in the areas we liked, I think we would still be renting today. Thank you Dean... We are finally Homeowners!!!

Cristina C.

My wife and i had no idea how hard it was to buy a house in todays market place. We thought if we liked what we saw we could make an offer and it would be ours.
Boy were we wrong...
Dean showed us the path on how to buy the right home, in the right neighborhood, for our family. When we we're upset he made us feel positive that we could find our home. He understands the new market place and knows how to work with foreclosures, bank owned homes and new home purchases. And when our heads would get in the clouds he knew the reality of what we were really getting into. With out him we probably would of bought the wrong house and be in financial trouble.
I can't tell you how grateful we are to have Dean help us every step of the way.

Ryan P.

Throughout my home buying process of which my fiance was involved as well, Dean Lob walked us through each step taking the time to explain everything of which he was well versed. Because almost all of the houses in the area in which we were interested and eventually purchased in were short sales it made the process very long (9 months). Dean took the time and went through the process with us catering to all our phone calls which were at times excessive. Further, my 84 year old father was involved in co-signing for me and Dean even took the time to explain everything to him as well which was far from easy as my father resides in Florida which meant double the paperwork via fax for Dean. When we did focus in on one home and the seller's agent was at times unavailable Dean exhausted all avenues to not only reach her but instructed us when it was not a good move to contact her. Through his guidance we wound up securing a home at a price that was right for us. Dean even walked us through the escrow process an worked with the escrow company to secure our confidence in the process. After purchase Dean has continued to stay in contact and fields any and all questions. Specifically, he is well versed in what is involved in obtaining a streamline and/or refianancing at a lower rate. In fact, when I placed refianancing on the back burner, as life gets busy, I would be reminded that I wanted to do it because Dean would call when interest rates were getting good. Thus, he remained diligent toward my interests. In closing, I would strongly recommend Dean Lob. Through my home buying purchase he not only became a champion for my purchase but became a friend in the process. I remember dealing with other agents and watching the way they operated and being grateful that I had Dean as my agent.

Michael T.

My husband and I were upside down on our mortgage and were no longer able to keep up on the payments. We basically begged our lender to work with us on a refinance (our interest was at 8.999%) and they refused. We had heard horror stories about banks dragging their feet on short sales and with our previous experience with them we were not doubtful of these stories. We were fully prepared to just walk away (and we did). Mr. Lob sent us a letter explaining the benefits of short sales, so I called him and received more information. He assured us that he could get this done in a timely manner and he did. Thanks to him we have a short sale on our record instead of a foreclosure.

Christina K.

Being a victim of the economy I was faced with the daunting task of extricating myself from a financial obligation respectfully. The most viable option, a short sale, was unknown to me, confusing and intimidating. However, after a couple of consultations with Dean I felt confident that a solution to my dilemma was very viable, so I procured his services. The process turned out go be quite difficult; the lender became difficult and unreasonable in spite of a couple of ready buyers. When they finally relented the buyer became difficult. Additionally my tenants were not the most cooperative. In spite of the many obstacles Dean doggedly and tenaciously continued with efforts to complete the sale before the window of completion closed. It was through his efforts that the sale was finalized only days before the property went into foreclosure. I'm forever grateful for Dean's efforts. My interests were protected and a heavy burden was removed. I will gladly recommend Dean to any one in need of his services.

Ashley B.

Dean was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Orange County. Not to mention creative in working within our budget. I believe he is the owner of Pacific Lending & Reality, and his experience truly shows as he was super patient with our requests and has followed up with us multiple times since we met. We still have not purchased yet as we are still saving for our dream home, though we are confident we will be using Dean for our home purchase.

Troy R.